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What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your DPF Removed?

  • A loss of engine power

    Once your Diesel Particulate Filter becomes blocked or clogged up you will start to notice a large reduction in your vehicles engine power. To prevent the issue you will either need to get the filter replaced this can prevent from being required to be done in the future by simply getting it removed to increase your engines power.

  • Better fuel economy

    When you get to the point when your vehicle starts experiencing  issues with its Diesel Particulate Filter it will burn more fuel in order to bring the temperature down and decrease the amount of emissions emitted. Having your DPF removed will build your vehicles fuel efficiency as the need to regulate the temperature is removed.

  • Preventing any future issues

    Having your Diesel Particulate Filter repaired may need to be done again in the future. To make sure you do not experience any issues in the future why not get it removed?

What are the cost benefits after your Diesel Particulate Filter has been removed?

After DPF is replacement you will expect to see an enhanced fuel economy for your vehicle, it will have a less likelihood of breaking down or your vehicle going into “limp” mode. More importantly you will averagely save yourself £1000’s by not needing to have your DPF repaired in the future, this can often be considered as a service item at around 75,000 miles especially on common modern day vehicles.

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