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At German Vehicle Specialists, we can remap your cars Engine Control Unit (ECU – The vehicles brain) to fundamentally enhance your vehicle’s performance and enhance the fuel efficiency. The ECU of most vehicles is mapped to take into account the middle ground, for drivers who ignore service schedules and use second rate fuel; it implies your car is just working at an 80% limit. With our ECU remapping service, we are equipped for delivering a great deal more performance, plenty more torque and more miles for your cash. We’re not talking about minor incremental changes here, an ECU remapped vehicle can get a 40% expansion in power – the changes German Vehicle Specialists can make are definitely not anything but cosmetic.

By what means can more power mean better mileage in ECU remapping?

A vehicle making a trip at 70mph needs to work hard to keep up its speed, however, in the event that we remap the ECU for that vehicle, it has fundamentally increased power. A similar vehicle, with a similar engine that is remapped by us, now needs to work less to keep up its 70mph speed meaning general fuel efficiency is improved. Increased power with no extra weight to carry is how a remapped ECU can improve your fuel economy.

Why ECU Remapping and Why Choose German Vehicle Specialists?

ECU Remapping gets you performance without adding hardware or equipment to your vehicle. Remapping your engine is a tried and tested method for showing signs of improvement and all that we do is reversible – the same can’t be said of equipment or hardware updates.

If you put your toe down in a vehicle we have remapped you’ll feel a more responsive engine, an increase in power and a satisfying new engine roar – all from the same vehicle. Not only will your receive an increase in performance, your fuel economy will be significantly improved. Over the course of one year, you can expect the ECU remap to pay for itself in fuel savings alone. This increase in performance is what you should expect from a company with more than 15 years experience in remapping vehicles for performance.

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