4 Wheel Alignment

At German Vehicle Specialist, we provide an accurate Laser wheel alignment service, our readings are accurate to 0.5mm on alignment and 0.1mm on Camber/Castor. This ensures that nothing but accurate readings are set up for your suspension requirements.

Is Wheel Alignment Important?

You may wonder how important is vehicle wheel alignment to an everyday driver. Wheel alignment plays an important factor on your vehicles handling, braking, accelerating and most importantly your pocket! So if your alignment is out at all this increases wear on your tyres meaning you have to change them more often costing you money. Tyres can wear sometimes four times as fast if they are out of alignment. I need not do the maths for you to work out this is not a cost efficient way of running your car.

Wheel Alignment Costs

Wheel alignment check with minor adjustments start from £75 depending on vehicle

Further work that maybe required is carried out at an extra cost. This may involve the use of heating tools to enable seized components to be freed off so that adjustments can be carried out correctly.

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