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At German Vehicle Specialist, we have fully trained staff that meets the new government regulations for servicing, repairing and handling of all vehicle air-conditioning systems.

We offer 2 types of service for your vehicle system:

1) A standard recharge, which consists of a 20min vacuum of old gas and oil,  a hold period where the system is held under pressure for 5mins to test for major leaks then the new oil and gas is injected to vehicle spec.
Prices start from £45 plus VAT.

2) A full system service which consists of all gas removed, air-con pump/compressor is drain of all oil, then a 30min  vacuum and a 10min hold period. New oil is injected, tracer dye is added for detecting leaks and new gas is added to vehicle spec.
Also included in this service is a new pollen filter (if fitted) and anti bacterial additive inserted into the ventilation system.
Prices start from £70 plus VAT

Included in both services is a visual inspection of all major components of your system.

We undertake all system repairs, fault finding and electronic diagnostics.

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